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DCLoboMoviesWarner Bros.

I really never expected Lobo to be made into a movie before The Flash or Wonder Woman, but apparently that’s what the execs at Warner Bros. think is going to sell to the kids these days.  To sweeten the deal, the studio has even signed Snatch director Guy Ritchie to helm the DC Comics adaptation. Lobo was meant to serve as a parody of violent heroes such as Wolverine and the Punisher, with his stories featuring a nihilistic streak tinged with dark comedy and excessive violence. No word on release date, cast members and the like.  Some of you may

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AnimationDCVideoWarner Bros.Watchmen

First it was Invincible getting the animated treatment, now Warner Bros. is announcing something very similar. UPDATE: I just finished watching the 22 minute Chapter 1, and I must say it looks really good.  The images are taken from the graphic novel, and do include word balloons and the like, but what makes this one stand out is that the panels are animated, with the figures moving, and shifting through the scene.  The only thing that would have made this first episode better would have been if they could have gotten the character’s mouths to move.  Other than that, it

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MoviesRadical Publishing

Rumors are floating around that John Woo will direct the Radical Comics adaptation of Caliber.  Of course it won’t be official until next week at the San Diego Comic-Con, but hey, now you know.  Others are poo-pooing the idea as Woo is in the middle of his three part Red Cliff films. The Arthurian legend as retold in the American Old West, with all of its great symbolism, magic and spirit of adventure. The Knights of the Round Table are all gunslingers bound by a code of honor to protect the weak and defend the innocent until they are undone

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