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Sneak Peek Vampirella #3

[Preview] Vampirella Vol. 5 #3

Vampirella leads a team of religious zealots to take down a pack of werewolves in Vampirella #3 from Dynamite Entertainment. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Vampirella (Vol.5) #2

Vampirella’s struggle to deal with the complex emotional consequences of a major disaster caused by her enemies is exacerbated by an unexpected visit from her mother in this week’s Vampirella #2 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Vampirella #1 Review 7.0

Vampirella #1 Review

Death from above spreads over the outskirts of the city. A survivor, a young woman, is in therapy to deal with what happened. Ella Normandy tells her story to the therapist, but will he believe she is actually Vampirella, or will the white coats take her away. Vampirella #1 is on store shelves now, from Dynamite Entertainment.

DC Deathstroke #36 Review

Deathstroke #36 Review

Deathstroke. His name drives terror into the hearts of his enemies the world over. This master assassin and mercenary is one of the most feared people on the earth. But what happens when he is trapped in one of the only places on earth where that fear is meaningless? Let’s find out in Deathstroke #36 from DC Comics.

DC Justice League #40 Review

Justice League #40 Review

Leagues collide, and sides are taken!  Will Batman’s quirky Justice League Of America be able to hold up to the sheer power of the big guns in Superman’s Justice League? 


[Preview] Deathstroke #17

Take the jump for a sneak peek of Deathstroke #17. The issue arrives in stores today, but you can get an early look right now.


[Preview] Deathstroke #15

Will Deathstroke change, or will his rival take him down? Find out in this week’s Deathstroke #15 from DC Comics.

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