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Review The Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 Review 7.0

The Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 Review

The holidays are an interesting time for the X-Men, with such a large and diverse membership there are many different beliefs and traditions observed. THE MERRY X-MEN HOLIDAY SPECIAL #1 from Marvel Comics gives you a glimpse into the full month of December with the X-Men, and it is on your local comic shelves now!

Dynamite Entertainment KISS / Army of Darkness #5

KISS / Army of Darkness #5

They have rock’n’rolled all night and partied every day to fix the timeline, but can KISS and Ash overcome the Deadites in this week’s KISS / Army of Darkness #5? There’s a sneak peek after the jump, that may provide a hint.

Atari Swordquest #5

[Preview] Swordquest #5

Swordquest #5 arrives in stores this week, and we have your sneak peek of the final issue of the series.

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