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Sneak Peek Daredevil #32

PREVIEW: Daredevil #32

The Angel of Death has come a callin’ and Matt Murdock will face challenges of his own in Daredevil #32 from Marvel Comics.

Review Skybound X #2 Review 8.3

Skybound X #2 Review

The Tenth Anniversary anthology from Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment chugs on, and Rick Grimes in a mask is maybe the LEAST weird thing in store! Your Major Spoilers review of Skybound X #2 from Image Comics awaits!

Review Justice League: Last Ride #3 Revie 5.3

Justice League: Last Ride #3

The JLA are hiding out on Apokolips of all places.  The only question is, who else knows they’re there? Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League: Last Ride #3 from DC Comics, awaits!

Sneak Peek Batman: Urban Legends #5

PREVIEW: Batman: Urban Legends #5

Through four chapters of blood, bullets, and Batman, the true reason for Cole Cash emerging in Gotham City reveals itself at last…but it’s not what you think! What does that mean? Take the jump for a sneak peek of Batman: Urban Legends #5 from DC Comics.

Review Crossover #7 Review 8.3

Crossover #7 Review

Things are about to get weird.  Well…  weirder.  Your Major Spoilers review of Crossover #7 from Image Comics awaits!

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