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Comics Portal Daredevil No More

COMICS PORTAL: Dark Days for Daredevil

Attorney Matt Murdock has been one of the key Marvel players for decades now, and his alter ego Daredevil has really attracted a lot of attention both in the comics and on Netflix.

Sadly, that era may be coming to a close.

Image Comics Curse Words Swimsuit Special

Image brings back the swimsuit special

Remember the Marvel Swimsuit Specials from the ’90s? Image Comics is finally jumping on that bandwagon with the release of Curse Words Summer Swimsuit Special #1 from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne.

Oni Press Letter 44 #33

[Preview] Letter 44 #33

Charle Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque bring comic readers Letter 44 #33 this week from Oni Press. Take the jump for a sneak peek.

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