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BatmanDCFeaturedJustice LeagueLex LuthorReview

The “Forever Evil” event continues to shake things up in the DCU. Admittedly a small one in terms of number of releases, this week the fourth issue of this miniseries hit the stands! It’s all-out chaos as the DC Universe continues its march through darkness! War erupts across the Earth between the villains! Allegiances are formed! Rivals are murdered! And at center stage it’s Lex Luthor versus Batman – and their fight couldn’t come at a worse time as Deathstroke’s hunting party closes in on the world’s only hope against the Crime Syndicate!

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Or – “I Haven’t Been Keeping Up With This Book At All…” When the New 52 launched in late 2011, it seemed that all anyone had to say about Catwoman’s ongoing revolved around her sex scene with the big bad Bat.  After nearly 2 years, has Selina Kyle reached the point where she has her own identity?  Your Major Spoilers review awaits!

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Comics PortalFeaturedOpinion

Now that Congress is taking up the issue of gun control due to recent violent events in the U.S., we can expect they’ll be looking for someone or something to blame these terrible occurrences on. Some already have come out and said that they think violent video games are at fault, desensitizing players using rapid-fire guns to murder large groups of “people.”

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Animal ManCatwomanDC

The DC WTF gatefold cover month begins in April but a few of them have started to appear on the Internet and we have a new batch to show you from Threshold, Catwoman, Vibe, Demon Hunters, and Animal Man.

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Amanda WallerDCFeaturedGeoff JohnsJustice League of AmericaReview

The new Justice League of America débuts with a whoppingly ridiculous 54 covers, with Geoff Johns on script and David Finch handling art. Will Justice League of America #1 have you declaring “America, F yeah!” or just mumbling “America… ehh… whatever…”? Stoke your patriotic pride as Major Spoilers reviews Justice League of America #1 (this reviewer got the Indiana cover).

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBatmanIron ManThor

News of the potential Doctor Strange movie from Marvel had my curiosity take over and I headed on over to deviantART to see what the fine artist there had come up with for the character. I never expected to find this. Take the jump to see deviant user alienfirst mashup My Little Pony with characters from DC and Marvel.

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BatmanCatwomanDCHarley QuinnJokerSupermanToys

Anytime one of the top toy companies announces one new figure it is enough to excite us here at Major Spoilers, so with Slideshow releasing images for SIX coming figures we almost can’t handle ourselves. Take the jump for all the images, including the Man of Steel!

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Catwoman is being followed as burnt mementos of her friend Lola start literally dropping in her lap. Will she figure out who her stalker is or will she end up a pawn in a larger game? More after the jump.

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Before ever donning the feline-inspired costume, Selina Kyle was a directionless thief struggling to get by in Gotham. Now that she’s Catwoman, Seline Kyle is a directionless thief struggling to get by in Gotham. Catwoman #0 is reviewed after the jump!

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Action FiguresBatmanDark Knight RisesDCHot ToysstatuesToys

Ever since Hot Toys set up their U.S. Facebook page, fans of their highly detailed figures and collectibles have been privy to pictures and information regarding upcoming releases like never before.  The latest figure to come from the Hong Kong based company is a accurate representation of Selina Kyle/Catwoman from Warner Bros. Dark Knight Rises movie.

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Catwoman 12 Thumb
CatwomanDCFeaturedJudd WinickReview

 Batman returns to the pages of Catwoman, but how will he and Selina’s new boyfriend, Spark, get along? Major Spoilers squares the love triangle for you right here as Judd Winick’s run on Catwoman comes to a close!

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CatwomanDCTrailerVideoVideo Games

There’s a new trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a new character has been revealed.

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Animationcartoon networkCatwomanDCsan diegoTelevisionVideo

Several Spoilerites have pointed me to this video, which appears to be an upcoming short for the DC Nation block.  Now keep in mind this is a shot from the show floor, so this video will more than likely be taken down at any minute. The first Bat Man of Shanghai short, set in 1930 China and featuring an alternate version of Catwoman and a cameo by Bane. WOW!

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Catwomancomic conventionCosplayHarley Quinnsan diego

I love Yaya Han’s costumes, and those who get to see her show off her craft are usually in for a treat.  The model/costume designer is at the San Diego Comic-Con, and she’s showing off her new Catwoman costume. Joining her in this shot is WindoftheStars, another super talented seamstress, who is wearing her Harley Quinn costume today. Great job ladies!  

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