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When Batman: The Animated Series, got a new look and a new title in The New Batman Adventures, Catwoman got a whole new redesign as well. Diamond Select Toys has released a new statue based on that style.

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As I always do, I was reading the news here at, and I came across an interesting story about adding information regarding age-appropriateness to Aspen Comics.

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If you are a fan of Batman: The Animated Series (and who isn’t?), then you’ll want to check out two new Batman: The Animated Series statues from DST. One from a classic Joker episode, and one that features Catwoman in a dynamic pose.

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Catwoman is getting away with the diamonds… again! Stephen takes a look at the latest Catwoman from the upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie.

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Of course, I knew going in that Tom King’s Batman would be very different from Scott Snyder’s incarnation. And it’s not like the climax (Get it?) in this issue has never happened before – It has, back in the beginning of the New 52. And it occurred in a graphic novel years ago, and that resulted in Damien Wayne. What really concerns me is that I’m already starting to get used to all this, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing!

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FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersRandom Access Memory

Author’s Note: Random Access Memory is me looking back at the specific comics that shaped my life. Each month I go back in time – in five year intervals – to examine key comics that came out those months. (The idea is that after five years of monthly columns, I will have covered an entire lifetime – in this case, fifty years – of reading comics.) I also list all the comics I read that particular month. This will afford readers the opportunity to chastise me for not reading specific comics, and/or laugh at the horrible, horrible choices I made

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CatwomanDCSneak Peek

I think Catwoman Election Night #1 will be more politically controversial than Faith #5. DC Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek at the issue, that you can check out, after the jump.

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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast: Flash loses a director, and we get political with Faith #5, Catwoman Election Night #1, and President Lex. Also… Resident Alien. This episode is brought to you by Loot Crate. Go to and enter the code Spoilers at checkout to save on your subscription.

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Ten Things
FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

Here at Major Spoilers, we have a saying: Everything’s better with Batman!  Now, it’s time to really put that theorem to the test…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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DCFeaturedMarvel ComicsRetro ReviewReview

In 1996, a rivalry dating back 30 years (or more, depending on how one counts) finally came to a head.  And then, it all got complicated…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Marvel Versus DC #3 awaits!

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A priceless artifact has turned up in Gotham City…  Looks like a job for Selina Kyle!  Unfortunately, the mysterious False Face Society has other plans.  Your Major Spoilers review of Catwoman #51 awaits!

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With all the hubbub surrounding the upcoming Star Wars movie, I started wondering if Marvel was going to release a comics version of it. You know, a comic that adapted the film and would appear in local comics shops? Then I remembered – Oh, yeah, no comics company has done that in a long, long time!

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Press Release Each year, Diamond Select Toys sets up at Comic-Con International in San Diego, ready to show off their upcoming products to the large crowds. And with that many DST fans in one place, they also like to bring new products that will go on sale for the first time ever on the show floor! This year is no different, and DST is ready to reveal the exclusive items that will be available at their booth (#2607), including some that will be offered through other retailers at Comic-Con, and a few that will only be available through DST!

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The Purple Catwoman is back! The Purple Catwoman is back! The Purple Catwoman is back! But is the issue any good?

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