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Two of the things that attracted me to comic books were the names of characters as well as what they looked like.

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There are no bad characters. Only bad writers.  Or at least, writers who don’t know what to do with the characters.

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DCFeaturedGail SimoneReviewSecret Six

Time for the dueling duo to move away from the super hero genre, and take a look at those who are not heroes.  The Secret Six do what the wanna do, say what they wanna say, live how the wanna live, and allow only those who are really deserving into their group.  What say you Matthew and Stephen?

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DCFeaturedReviewSecret Six

Or – “In Which The Six Have Split, And Wonder Woman Is On The Menu…” My old friend Bruce used to have a saying…  “It’s always darkest, before it gets pitch-black.”  A founding member of the Justice League is about to be consumed by a demon, the Secret Six are at one another’s throats, and the Bana-Mighdall Amazons are free (and mightily irritable.)  Think things can’t get worse?  Possibly you’re not remembering some of the Secret Six’s previous missions…

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DCGail SimoneReviewSecret Six

Batman eats burritos?  That can’t be good… It’s the Bat vs. the Cat, need I say more?  It’s the kick-ass issue you’ve been waiting to read, and here’s your Major Spoilers reaction to the second issue of Secret Six.

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comic conventionDCsan diego

Another DC panel, another rapid fire wrap up of the event as only Major Spoilers can.

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