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Review 6.7

Mystere #5: Black Friday Review

Mary Medina is in a bad position. She is chained underneath a cemetery about to watch a ritual to kill John Doe and bring about a spirit. Will she become the persona of Mystere and save the day? Find out in Mystere #5 by Zenescope Entertainment.

Review 9.0

Mystere #4 (of 5): Revelations and Resurrections Review

Mary Medina has opted to leave her life as Mystere in favor of a more peaceful lifestyle. However, she is drawn back into that life when mysterious deaths begin to appear around the city of New Orleans. Find out what happens in Mystere #4 by Zenescope Entertainment!

Review 8.0

Unbound #1 (of 5) Review

This is a world where bounty hunters have the authority to hunt down lycan criminals and keep them from getting too powerful. What happens when an assassin sets out to upset that balance in Unbound #1 by Zenoscope Entertainment!

Review United States vs. Murder Inc. #6 6.0

United States vs. Murder Inc. #6 Review

An alternate reality sees the never crushed Five Families vie with the truncated USA for supremacy.  Presidents are assassinated, mob families are bombed by government operatives and in the middle of it stands Valentino Gallo, new made button man for the mob, whose mother shares with him a devastating secret about his true heritage.