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Sneak Peek Batgirl #49

[Preview] Batgirl #49

To unravel the secret of Batgirl’s bizarre new nemesis, you must take the jump for this sneak peek of Batgirl #49 from DC Comics.

Review Fight Club # #2 6.3

Fight Club 3 #2 Review

Fight Club 3 #2 opens with the worst advice columnist ever, and spirals down rapidly into an incomprehensible mess that only the most die-hard of Fight Club enthusiasts can stomach.

Dark Horse Comics Fight Club 3 #1

Dark Horse announces Fight Club 3

The first rule of fatherhood is, “you don’t talk about fatherhood?” Fight Club creator Chuck Palahniuk returns to Dark Horse Comics with Fight Club 3, a 12-issue maxiseries that arrives in January 2019.


Major Spoilers Podcast #783: The Galactus Trilogy (1966)

The First Family of Comics takes center stage this week, as they take on Galactus and his friend, Harold. Plus, strange things are afoot at DC Comics (or are they?), your favorite burger joint, Motor Crush Vol. 2, Usagi Yojimbo: The Hidden #4, Hawkman #1, and Tomb Raider: Inferno #1 all go under the microscope.


Batgirl #49 Review

A journey into the mind of Barbara Gordon, thanks the villainous Fugue…  Your Major Spoilers…


Batgirl #43 Review

Batgirl #43 teases the introduction of a new villain for the titular heroine to take…

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