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Sneak Peek Willow #5

[Preview] Willow #5

The evil forces behind the town of Abhainn think they’ve figured out how to defeat Willow in this week’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #5 from BOOM! Studios.

Review 9.0

Willow #4 Review

Willow knows something is going on in Abhainn but it is such a cozy place everyone seems to be happy. Will Willow go out of her comfort zone and figure out what is going on? Find out in Willow #4 by Boom! Studios.

Review Angel & Spike #14 Review 7.7

Angel & Spike #14 Review

Team Angel is coming apart and Spike is the sole voice of reason.  That’s…  That’s bad.  Your Major Spoilers review of Angel & Spike #14 from BOOM! Studios awaits!

Review 7.3

Willow #3 Review

Willow has arrived in the town of Abhainn but the town is perfect… a little too perfect. Come check out Willow investigating this haven in Willow #3 by BOOM! Studios!

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