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Major SpoilersTen Things

Certain characters are recognized by everyone as representing a sea-change.  Superman inspired the creation of the entire superhero genre, Batman is the source of an abundance of recurring hero tropes, Spider-Man inspired a realm of characters with human failings and personalities.  But what of those characters who DON’T get the same recognition for their place in history?  Welcome to Ten Things!

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baltimore comic con logo
Baltimore Comic Concomic conventionHermes PressPress Release

Press Release Hermes Press is coming to the Baltimore Comic-Con and is bringing the all-­new The Phantom with them!

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AliensBatmanDiamond Select ToysMarvelMerchandiseMiniMatesToys

Diamond Select Toys has released a preview of upcoming toys and merchandise arriving in November 2014 and forward.

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Hermes PressPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Howard Chaykin’s new ground-breaking, critically acclaimed revival of Buck Rogers is now available as a graphic novel which collects all four comics released in 2013 with tons of special bonus material: interviews, original artwork, script examples, and pin-ups. Chaykin’s tale of the new Buck Rogers, “Grievous Angels” reintroduces one of science fiction’s iconic characters!

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Buck Rogers FCBD Hermes Press 2014-1
Buck RogersFree Comic Book Dayfree comicsHermes Press

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, the first, best and original sci-fi hero is supporting Free Comic Book day with a special re-print of one complete Sunday story, “Prophet of the Fire Demon,” by fabled artist Russell Keaton, whose fantasy work is considered to be one of the high-points of the feature.  This story has been painstakingly digitally reconstructed to perfection and looks better than the original newspaper Sundays!  Hermes Press’ Buck Rogers FDBD issue will also offer bonus material and tons of surprises! Hermes Press is a Silver level sponsor of Free Comic Book Day.

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Buck Rogerscomic conventionHermes Presssan diegoSolicitations

If you are a Buck Rogers fan, Hermes Press has you covered at the San Diego Comic Con as the publisher announces the release of Howard Chaykin’s Buck Rogers.

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Buck RogersHermes PressPress Release

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume 7 1938-1940 is now available! The adventures continue with Buck and Wilma in the most famous science-fiction newspaper comic strips! Included in this volume are three action packed adventures featuring: Overturned World, Martian War Threat, and Super-Dwarf of Space with an introduction essay explaining the history of Buck Rogers and its impact on the world of science-fiction! Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Newspaper Dailies Volume Seven 1938-1940; ISBN 978-1-61345-024-6; 9 x 11.75 inches; x 1.25 inches; 272 pages; color and black-and-white, hardcover with a printed laminated

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Buck Rogerscomic conventionHermes Presssan diego

Last week we learned of Howard Chaykin’s Buck Rogers project, and now we get a giant sized poster that is worth of the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day.

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Buck Rogers HC Logo
Buck Rogerscomic conventionHermes PressPress Releasesan diego

Press Release BUCK ROGERS the first, best, original Sci-Fi hero is back in an all-new comic book series from Hermes Press with art and stories by Howard Chaykin.

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Buck RogersHermes PressSolicitations

Press Release Hermes Press continues its definitive reprint collection of the vintage Buck Rogers daily comic strip with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: the Complete Newspaper Dailies-Volume 5, 1935-1936. Americans were well steeped in the Great Depression when these strips came out, but that didn’t keep writer Philip Nowlan or artist Dick Calkins from challenging the troubles of a country with more idealistic science fiction!

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Buck RogersDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedReview

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with Buck Rogers, and though his monthly adventures are on hold, the Annual gives readers, and Buck, the needed closure.

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Dynamite EntertainmentGreen HornetLone RangerSneak PeekThe Boys

Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for The Dresden Files, Stargate, Green Hornet, The Boys, The Lone Ranger, and more.

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Buck RogersDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedReview

Dynamite Entertainment has reached the end of the first year of Buck Rogers adventures. But as issue #12 ends, the doors open to something we may not have thought of before.

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Buck RogersDynamite EntertainmentGreen HornetSneak Peek

Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #5, Kato Origins #2: Way of the Ninja, Bullet to the Head #1, Buck Rogers #12, Blackbeard: Legend of the Pyrate King #4, Battlefields #7: Motherland and Part 1, and the Black Terror Volume 2 trade paperback.

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