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Sneak Peek Shazam #15

[Preview] Shazam #15

The final episode of Shazam drops today, and we have a sneak peek of Shazam #15 from DC Comics, after the jump.

Review Flash Annual #3 Review 9.3

The Flash Annual #3 Review

As Joshua Williamson’s time on The Flash draws to a close, he continues to set the bar extremely high for creators who will write the Fastest Man Alive after him. A great example is The Flash Annual #3 from DC Comics, guest starring the Suicide Squad.

Review Shazam #12 Review 9.7

SHAZAM! #12 Review

It’s a “special guest” issue for SHAZAM!, with a great fill-in story starring a team up with the Dark Knight and a crocodile in a business suit! Check out this review of SHAZAM! #12 from DC Comics.

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