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Or – “What Ms. Watson Had To Say…” Well, Faithful Spoilerites, this is the one you’ve all been waiting for.  Ever since the advent of the Brand New Day, we’ve wondered what it was tha Mary Jane whispered to Mephisto, and exactly what DID happen with the Parker/Watson wedding back in the day.  This is the story of “One Moment In Time,” and Whitney Houston is demanding her royalties, folks…

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For those of you who have been crying in your beer ever since the events of Brand New Day, can heave a sigh of releif as the webslinger and the hot model are back together again. Wait, what!? That’s right, True Believers, if you local paper (are there any of those left anymore) carries the Spider-Man comic strip, you saw Peter wake from a dream to discover he and Mary Jane are still hitched.  Check out the editor box for how it happened. It’s too bad the real Spider-Man comic books can’t switch gears this easily. via The Comics Curmudgeon

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Or – “Personally, I Blame Kirsten Dunst.” So.  I’ve been making the joke for months now, and I’m officially ready to retire it here and now, after one final telling:  “Call the Law Firm of Boucher, Likes, McFadden, and Mephisto for all your divorce needs!  We’ll make it like your marriage never happened!!!”  Given that current edict from the EIC, it seems a little bit odd that this title even EXISTS anymore, but any attempt to bring younger readers (or, indeed, female readers) onboard is a welcome change of pace.  Add in a little Terry Moore, and you’ve got my

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Here’s something you don’t see everyday – a 104 page comic that isn’t priced at $8.00!  Amazing Spider-Man Family #1 looks like a Frequently Asked Questions on all things post Brand New Day.  Plus the issue features the first look of the Marvel Apes universe.  And we all know monkeys and comics mean gold! Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue that arrives August 6, 2008.

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Jon, from Double Dumbass On attended Wizard World Philly this past weekend, and ran into any number of Skrulls running around the show floor. If there was this much Skrull cosplay on the show floor this year, I can’t wait until Marvel Apes hits store shelves. Take the jump for Jon’s complete report and a better look at ol’ green chin.

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