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Review Coffin Bound #1 Review 8.0

Coffin Bound #1 Review

Izzy Tyler wakes up one day to find death coming for her, one way or another. She’s going to tie up loose ends on her own terms in Coffin Bound #1!

Review The Warning #9 Review 7.3

The Warning #9 Review

The Red Machine has wreaked havoc across California, which is burning as the issue opens.  Jackknife leads Red Machine away from the carnage wreaked on combat brigade Gladiator Two-Six.  But it isn’t just the one fearsome creature they must face, as Jackknife discovers in our awesome Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Bloodborne #12

Titan Comics releases Bloodborne #12 this week. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue ahead of Wednesday’s New Comic Book Day.

Review The Warning #1 Review 6.3

The Warning #1 Review

The Earth is being invaded, but we don’t know by whom. We do know they are coming from space and are already setting up a base. We have our best people on it, our best people, and they have activated Gladiator Two-Six, an international military response group. See how it all starts in The Warning #1 from Image Comics, on your local comic store shelves now.

Sneak Peek The Raid #1

The Raid #1 (NSFW)

Titan Comics sent us the not entirely safe for work preview of The Raid #1 that arrives in stores in August.