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books Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League

New Buckaroo Banzai book on the way

In 1984, fans were teased that the further adventures of Buckaroo Banzai were coming, and over the years, we’ve had a number of comic book series, and a failed television pilot, but we have yet to see Buckaroo Banzai take on the World Crime League. That is all going to change in August, when E.M. Rauch releases Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime Leauge, et al: A Compendium of Evils!


Geek History Lesson #348 – Best of 2020

Time for the Mind University to give our thoughts on the year that was 2020! What are Jason and Ashley’s choices for the Best Movies, TV, and comics? SPOILER WARNING for 2020 movies and shows.

Gift Guide

Insight Editions launches geeky gaming cookbook gift sets

I hear there is a major holiday coming up soon, and many of you might be looking to gift your “friends” with something pertaining to their geeky tastes. Insight Editions has launched a series of gaming cookbook gift sets that will definitely make your friends happy.

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