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Review Blade Runner: Origins #2 REview 7.0

Blade Runner: Origins #2 Review

Tyrell Corp’s top bioengineer is dead, and a replicant committed the crime.  Your Major Spoilers review of Blade Runner: Origins #2 from Titan Comics awaits!

Review 8.3

Blade Runners Origins #1 Review

A Tyrell Corporation scientist is dead, and LAPD Detective Cal is here to investigate. Find out what kind of new conspiracy he unravels in Blade Runner Origins #1 by Titan Comics! 

Sneak Peek Blade Runner 2019 #1

[Preview] Blade Runner 2019 #1

After six years off-world, ex-Blade Runner Ash has returned to Los Angeles, but now the hunter has become the hunted in this week’s Blade Runner 2019 #1 from Titan Comics.

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