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Review Rorschach #1 Review 7.0

Rorschach #1 Review

New comic on stands this week, Black Label on cover.  Major Spoilers review of Rorschach #1 from DC Comics awaits.  Hurm.

Review Batman: The Killer Smile #1 Review 8.3

Batman: The Smile Killer #1 Review

When people say that Batman is the opposite number to The Joker, they aren’t kidding… as this one-shot follow-up to Joker: Killer Smile shows! Take the jump for our review of Batman: The Smile Killer #1 from DC Comics.

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COMICS PORTAL: Missing the Bigger Picture

Fans reacted to several things that took place in the previous week. But two events prompted an old feeling that we don’t get it sometimes when it comes to this industry we love.

We just miss the bigger picture at times!