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Ten Things

Ten TV Show Aliases

They say pop will eat itself. The same is true of pop culture, where the cycle of naming is an Ouroboros, which at least makes for a fun list. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten TV Show Aliases!

Ten Things Ten Things Supers of Myth and Legend

Ten Supers of Myth and Legend

In times of old, when knights were bold and something something Burma Shave…  Myths, legends and history are fertile grounds for growing our favorite supers.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Supers of Myth and Legend!

Ten Things Ten Ultramans Ten Things

Ten Ultramans

There are those heroes who are super and those who are wonders and maybe a couple of mighty ones.  But what about those who are ultra?  Welcome to Ten Things!

Ten Things Ten Roller Coasters Ten Things

Ten Roller Coasters

Put on your safety belts, secure your belongings and watch out for that Kamikaze Curve! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Roller Coasters!

Ten Things Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers Ten Things

Alternate Justice Leaguers

Banded together from remote galaxies come ten of the most powerful heroes of of all time!  Or at least, the next best thing…  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Alternate Justice Leaguers!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Reimagined Supers

In today’s world, every new concept, movie, book or show seems to bear a resemblance to something we’ve already seen. Of course, if you’ve been a nerd for a while, that’s no surprise. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Reimagined Supers!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Power Trios

Lots of heroes go solo exclusively, others work exclusively in groups.  Some, like Batman and…