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Review Dark Agnes #2 Review 7.7

Dark Agnes #2 Review

Agreeing to escort Helen and Sister Marie to Fontainbleau, Agnes soon finds herself in the thick of society. What dangers like behind the masks of the masquerade? Find out in Dark Agnes #2 from Marvel!

Review Dark Agnes #1 Review 8.0

Dark Agnes #1 Review

Dark Agnes – the price on her head is five hundred francs. What did she do to deserve that, and what is she going to do next? Find out in Dark Agnes #1 out this week from Marvel!


Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 Review

It’s October, and that means falls has arrived, Halloween is coming, and the horror comics are preparing to hit the shelves. This year, DC Comics decides to get in on the act in a giant way, with an 80-page giant entitled Cursed Comics Cavalcade, which is out today. Let’s crack open this tome and see if it is worth summoning up in your pull box!

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