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Shock ‘n Awe take a look at the DC Multiverse Collect & Connect Rookie (Bunny Suit Batman) wave from Mattel.

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There seems to be a resurgence in “all-ages” storytelling, and I applaud this development! Let me be clear about something – just because something is “all-ages,” that doesn’t mean it’s been dumbed down for the kiddies. I often find the opposite to be true – these stories are often well done because they need to appeal to children and the adults who are likely to pick them out for their kids. That’s the case with this wonderful book, just out this week!

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BatmanDCDustin NguyenFeaturedReview

Deacon Blackfire features heavily in Batman Eternal #17 with a plotline that has little to nothing to do with the titular character.

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For all the Bat-books I’ve reviewed over time, I can’t believe I’ve never talked about Batwing, which has been a title I’ve enjoyed since its beginning. For those people who may not know, the “Batwing” has often been the alternative name for the flying vehicle that’s been referred to as the Batplane. But DC, anxious to create comics that have a diverse appeal, gave the name a serious upgrade and turned it into a superhero code name. Since the book began at the start of the New 52, the hero inside has been black, first a member of Batman Incorporated

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Or – “People Keep Wondering How It’s Not Cancelled, I Figured I’d Check It Out…” Of all the books in the New 52, Batwing is the one that I have the least interest in, which is a bit odd, given that I’m a huge fan of the original story that gave us his superhero look.  I read #1, but then, I read all the number ones, and I’ve checked in with the execrable Red Lanterns book more than this one.  Blue Beetle, the JLI, O.M.A.C. and Legion Lost have fallen, but Batwing still soldiers on…  What’s the deal?  Your Major

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DCFeaturedJudd WinickReview

Batwing #0! African Batman with a jet-pack! Herein, a once regular Batwing reader reviews the zeroth issue for Major Spoilers.

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DC Comics has announced that the creative team of Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolf will be joining Batwing for a two-issue story arc beginning in March 2012.

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The Dark Knight Rises continues shooting in Los Angeles, and a keen Major Spoilerite happened to be strolling down the avenue and snapped a couple pics of the Batwing.

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BatmanDCFeaturedJudd WinickNew 52Review

Batwing #1 introduces the latest addition to the Batfamily, bringing one of Batman, Inc.’s franchisees into the new DCU. But just who is Batwing, really?

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If you were wondering if everything Grant Morrison has done with Batman, Inc. will be swept under the rug when DC relaunches its superhero line, IGN is reporting that the Batman of Africa – Batwing, is getting his own title, written by Judd Winick, with art by Ben Oliver. “Batwing #1 is a series that spins right out of Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated storyline. This is the first time that we have an in-continuity black character wearing the Batman costume,” said Batman group editor Mike Marts. “Grant has provided us with so many new characters and concepts. He’s really just

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