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We’re taking the battle back, back, back, waaaaaaaaaaaay back to the dawn of time, where we are pitting caveman vs. caveman.  This week it’s DC’s Anthro taking on V.T. Hamlin’s Alley Oop. To help you in your decision making, we present you with their brief histories: Anthro is the first Cro-Magnon boy born in the Stone Age. His father, Neanderthal caveman Ne-Ahn is the chief of his tribe, his mother a captive member of another tribe. Winning two competing cavegirls as his wives, Cro-Magnon women Embra and Nima, Anthro begins the human race, as Embra lives to bear his first

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The latest round of cover images and solicitation information for DC titles arriving in March 2009 is here.  What looks good?  The Legion of 3 Worlds reaches its conclusion, which should rock, Battle for the Cowl begins, Azrael returns, and the next mini neon sign arrives.  And there are two hot statues too!

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