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Blue BeetleDCMatthew SturgesReview

I love it when a plan comes together.  Wait, there’s a plan? One of the great things about the Blue Beetle series is how the writers who have taken on the challenge of this series are able to bring the collected group of heroes together to fight a common enemy.  While the big bad doesn’t get his comeuppance in this issue, it’s good to see everyone come out of the woodwork to give aid to our favorite beetle in blue.

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Introducing Tarot Girl! Three weeks in, and readers have been subjected to strange dreams, mystical attacks, and an attack from outer space.  When a space convict lands on the planet and starts wrecking havoc, who do you call?  The Trinity?  You’d be surprised how many times they appear in this installment.

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Iron ManJon FavreauMarvelMoviesReviewRobert Downey Jr.Terrence Howard

I had the opportunity to see the Iron Man movie last evening. The best part about this showing? It wasn’t sold out, wasn’t packed with noisy kids talking during the movie, and not a single cell phone went off during the flick. All in all, a great movie going experience. But what of the movie itself? I have a few early thoughts after the jump.

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