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AvengersMarvelReviewThe Initiative

Or – “It’s Too Bad That The New Warriors Don’t Have Their Own Book… Wait, What?” With all things Skrullapalooza breaking loose in the Marvel Universe, it’s sometimes hard to remember that OTHER storylines are in media res.  The threads of disaster that were set up in the very first issue of this book have finally woven together into an indian couch blanket of lies, deceit, death, and payback, and like most couch blankets, it’s rough, unattractive, and something stinks.  Get your scorecards ready and prepare to check off characters who get squished, stabbed, and lit on fire, folks, because this battle is

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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsReview

I’m a robot, and you’re a brain in a jar… The final issue of the adventures of the Tesla created robot sits before me – a culmination of a story that has been building for over 70 years as Atomic Robo faces his most diabolical foe. As this is the last issue in this series, it begs the question, “Does Atomic Robo rock, or should he be left to rust?”

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