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Marvel has announced that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are teaming once again to bring Criminal back to comic book pages. Tracy Lawless, the most popular character in the series history, takes center stage in Criminal: The Sinners #1 as made men turn up dead all over the city! But when criminals need justice, Tracy’s their best—and only—hope! But just who’s behind these mob-style hits on made men? “Doing INCOGNITO was just the break that Sean and I needed to recharge our crime batteries.  Now we’re back with more grimy goodness, and hopefully all the new readers we picked up

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Digital ComicsEditorialFrom the Editor

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been a huge fan of electronic books and digital content for years. I bought one of the first e-readers commercially available, and used it until the batteries were unable to hold a charge any longer.  The black- and -white interface of the e-readers of yesterday and today are perfect for reading books, but for comics — not so good. Beyond the color issue, what else do e-reader creators, comic book publishers, and retailers need to do to make the transition to digital comics a success?  I’ve got a few thoughts on that one.

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Oni PressSolicitations

This looks like it could be a fun title – there’s a guy fighting a giant crab on the cover. Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny is an ongoing quarterly all-ages series to be released by Oni Press. Jack and Benny are two young brothers on vacation in Chowder Bay, Maine for the entire summer. With no television or batteries for his Gameboy, Jack couldn’t be more bored. But when Benny, the youngest of the pair, spots a dark, indistinguishable shape creeping toward the ocean, the boys’ curiosity has them chasing one of Chowder Bay’s oldest

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