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Poor Batman, the guy just has a terrible time making friends.  The above  image is from inker Derek Fridolfs’ Deviant Art website, where he’s posted an the page from an upcoming Superman/Batman issue. via Derek Fridolfs

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With Great Power Comes Much Punching and Fighting With all the craziness that is going on in the DC Universe, it’s nice to know you can sit down and read a title that both follows and breaks continuity at every turn.  Superman/Batman reintroduced Supergirl to the world, but it also featured a run where the entire universe went flippy a couple of times, and no one in any of the other titles noticed. We’ve now come to a tale that has the Silver Banshee doing the thing that she does so well, which had the odd effect of Batman acquiring

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Though not surprising in the slightest, I was pleasantly happy to see Two-Face Year One in this week’s pull lists. I was however surprised that it was only a two parter, but then I found that it was 48 pages long, and … needless to say, as a big Harvey Dent fan, I’ll be looking forward to buying this in TPB. But for the moment, we’ve got 48 pages worth of Harvey Dent to review, and I was once again pleasantly surprised with how this turned out.

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