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DCGotham City SirensReview

All is not well between the Gotham City Sirens, after Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn gas Catwoman for information about Batman.

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BatmanDCGrant MorrisonReview

Wait, he’s supposed to be dead, right? What do you do when you have a buffer from the moment you “killed” the world’s greatest detective, and the Battle for the Cowl storyline?  Oh, and don’t forget that little thing called Final Crisis, which just so happens to feature the character that was just offed?  A trip down memory lane seems appropriate.

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BatmanFrank MillerGrant MorrisonMajor SpoilersPodcast

On the next Major Spoilers Podcast, Matthew and Stephen will discuss why they like, or hate, the Miller and Morrison runs on Batman.  Matthew thinks Morrison’s Batman R.I.P. story line is the bee’s knees, while Stephen “gets” Miller’s All-Star Batman and Robin. We want to include your arguments on the topic.  In the comments section give reasons why Stephen should like Morrison’s run, and Matthew should embrace Miller’s Batman.  If your comments are intelligent and well written, they may appear on the show. Let’s keep it civil.  Comments like “Miller sucks” or “Morrison blows” that are not backed up with

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