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Seattle, Washington, 1969.  The home of bottomless steak fries This ain’t your daddy’s Robin, and that’s because your daddy grew up reading Dick Grayson in the pixie boots, and he’s Batman now.

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This is what a Batman comic should be Batman exploding?  A damsel in distress?  A guy proclaiming to be the modern incarnation of King Tut?  No, I’m not describing an episode of the 60’s Batman television series, that featured Victor Buono as the villain, but rather King Tut’s introduction into the Batman family of comics 33 years after first being introduced on TV.

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The end of yet another era This month sees the end of three Batman family titles, with Nightwing being the first to go dark.  It seems fitting that of the three (Nightwing, Robin, Oracle), that Dick Grayson takes the bow, as he was the first side-kick.  With Batman “dead” (snicker-snicker, foolish citizens of the DCU), it appears the Dick is up for the task of protecting the city, but is the city ready for Dick?

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