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Batman BeyondDCDiamond Select Toysstatues

As you build up your collection of comic book busts, be on the lookout this weekend as you head to the store, as the Diamond Select Toys Batman Beyond Bruce Wayne Resin Bust has arrived.

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Batman BeyondDCFeaturedReview

Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne are out of town.  But that doesn’t meant that Gotham is suddenly going to start behaving.  Enter: Batgirl!  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman Beyond #12 awaits!

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Batman BeyondFan FilmSpider-Man 2099Video

Looking to see your super hero fights play out in real life instead of just in your head? BatInTheSun is back with a new Super Power Beat Down episode that puts to rest once and for all* who would win in a fight, Batman Beyond or Spider-Man 2099?

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Batman BeyondDCSneak Peek

DC Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Batman Beyond #6 that is in stores today.

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Batman Beyonddan jurgensDCSneak Peek

Terry is in Jokerztown to rescue Dana. How will it go? Take a look at this week’s Batman Beyond #2 from DC Comics.

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Batman Beyonddan jurgensDCFeaturedReview

Terry McGinnis is once again fighting crime in future Gotham City.  But what rough beast slouches towards the city of the future?  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman Beyond: Rebirth #1 awaits!

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BatmanBatman BeyondDCSneak Peek

It’s the end of the line (until next month) for Batman Beyond. Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue.

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BatmanBatman Beyonddan jurgensDCFeaturedReview

So, the all-new all-different DC Comics is here, and Batman Beyond is certainly a very different place than we last saw it.

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BatmanDCFeaturedJimmy PalmiottiJustin GrayReview

For all the Bat-books I’ve reviewed over time, I can’t believe I’ve never talked about Batwing, which has been a title I’ve enjoyed since its beginning. For those people who may not know, the “Batwing” has often been the alternative name for the flying vehicle that’s been referred to as the Batplane. But DC, anxious to create comics that have a diverse appeal, gave the name a serious upgrade and turned it into a superhero code name. Since the book began at the start of the New 52, the hero inside has been black, first a member of Batman Incorporated

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