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In lieu of the fact that I may not have been the only one to miss the release of Batman Confidential #19, I’ve decided, in the face of the release of issue #20, to review both. I won’t do it at the same time, because that would take away from the fact that these are two really great issues, and deserved of their own time in the sun.

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Set relatively soon after Bruce Wayne took up the mantle of the Batman, Batman Confidential tells the stories of Batman’s early outings.  I first jumped on to the book at issue 17, because of the Batgirl/Barbara Gordon story being told. I am so glad that I did, and look forward to getting my hands on a TPB of the earlier issues. Batman Confidential #17 and #18 tell the story of Batgirl’s first encounter with Catwoman. There isn’t a Batman to be found in these issues, and when we’re dealing with one of my favorite characters, Batgirl, the less Batman the

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