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I’ve often wondered, does the person inside the suit HAVE to be the guy/gal we’re used to? Normally, I’d say “yes,” the reason the character is a classic is because the combination works! But Mr. Snyder, Mr. Capullo and Mr. Miki are giving me pause with their “new” Batman, Jim Gordon in what my brother calls the “Transformers” armor.

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The heroes, they are a’ changing! If you’ve been reading the main titles featuring both Batman and Superman, you know that the heroes we see in this book are radically different from the ways they were about two months ago. Superman’s powers are downgraded and there’s a different guy in the big armored Bat-suit. Of course, with two different people interacting in new situations, the relationship between these characters is going to be back to square one. That can be fun to read, though!

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Though this is a week late, and the review for the next episode will soon be following, I decided that I would uphold my end of the bargain and review Countdown to Final Crisis #3. Mainly, because I want to provide ~wyntermute~ with another review that isn’t 5/5, but also because I said I would review the last 5 issues (assuming that there is a 0 issue).

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