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On Friday, another dream of mine was announced as coming true! Marvel (and if it’s successful, other companies will follow suit) is going to start advertising in movie theaters as well as on TV, as seen in this news item here at! I mean, I know so many fans who have been longing for this to take place! It really came into focus with a lot of us with the first Iron Man film from Marvel Studios. Why not point out you can buy comics about this character at the same time?

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Press Release It’s no secret that Dark Horse loves comics, but perhaps lesser known is the fact that Dark Horse loves baseball, too! In celebration of the summer season and America’s greatest pastime, Dark Horse Comics and Challenge Online Games have teamed up to create the greatest sports franchise ever. In a move that will have agents talking for weeks, Baseball Boss will now feature Dark Horse players, including Concrete, Hellboy, Abe Sapien (B.P.R.D.), X, Rumor and Kraken (The Umbrella Academy), the Mask, Conan, King Kull, Cal McDonald (Criminal Macabre), SpyBoy, Ghost, the Goon, Grendel Prime, the Occultist, Go Boy

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