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I suppose if Minimate Alfred is too busy mending Batman’s wounds, and needs to whip up a specialty cake for the Dark Knight’s birthday he could get Ace of Cakes founder Chef Duff Goldman to help out…if only there were a Minimate for that… Exclusively available through Charm City Cakes, this limited Minimate includes a wide array of cake-making accessories including two of the shop’s signature cakes, a drill-powered mixer, a chainsaw, wooden spoon, spatula, guitar and flame-thrower!  Also included is an alternate baseball cap to recreate another Duff Goldman look! Bwa? Okay… via Diamond Select Toys

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Archie ComicsSneak Peek

This week, Archie Comics has provided Major Spoilers with a sneak peek of Betty & Veronica #236, Betty & Veronica Double Digest #185, and Jughead’s Double Digest #141.

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