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I’m always intrigued by just what niche each comics publisher works to carve out for itself. Marvel and DC own superheroes, Image has an “image” of being an alternative publisher, and others move to make their own mark in the industry. Over the past several years, IDW Publishing has been developing relationships with other companies, and they’ve been really successful at it. This week, they announced a new partnership, and it’s with a company I particularly admire.

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I’ve got a real treat in store for you in this week’s episode, #265! Prolific and excellent comics writer Ron Marz is here, and he discusses Ominous Press, where he’s working with Bart Sears as they create, as they like to call it, “Relentless. Powerful. Comics.” We talk about Ron’s previous storytelling, including his creator-owned books, as well as what he’s doing now with Ominous. He also lets us know what projects he’s working on that he can tell us about as well as how his start in the business has prepared him for today’s industry. The Ominous Press website

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I have loved Bart Sears’ art ever since I first saw his work in Justice League: Europe. He always adds a layer of creativity that makes what I’m reading not only pop off the page, but explode off it. I hadn’t seen much from him recently, but that’s now changed as of the recent Heroes Con. I discovered that he had formed Ominous Press back in the 1990s, which highlighted his own creations. Well, he’s bringing those characters back, and he’s enlisted other strong creators to join him in making their adventures sparkle for today’s readers! OMINOUS PRESS WORLD PREMIERE

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Unity #25, the 48-page humor spectacular, arrives in stores this week, and Major Spoilers has your first look, after the jump.

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