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Hasbro has released the list of Marvel exclusives it is offering at the San Diego Comic Con, and for those who are looking to add to their toy collection, Hasbro has you covered.

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Or – “Kicking Off Our Major Spoilers Star-Spangled Weekend™!” In celebration of America’s Independence Day, Major Spoilers (and by that, I mean Matthew) will give three cheers to the red, the white and the blue, so the blue comes through to the blue in you.  (I’ve never been clear on how that lyric actually went…)  Meanwhile, one of the unseen bits of fallout from the end of the Dark Reign was the intersection of two different types of Thunderbolts, and the realization by Baron Helmut Zemo, scion of the Zemo clan, that his father’s work remained undone.  And since part

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The hordes have moved on, which means it is time to offer up another Rapid-Fire Roundup of San Diego Comic-Con News, distilled to its very essence; which makes it quite powerful, so use caution when reading.

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