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Archie Comics has announced real life bowling champs Chris and Lynda Barnes are getting the comic book treatment and placed in an upcoming isue of Pals-n-Gals Double Digest #131. “7-10 Slip”: When Pop Tate breaks his arm in a fall, the kids rally together to raise money for his medical bills.  They get some help from real-life bowling champions Chris and Lynda Barnes.  This husband-and-wife team is noted for winning the most prestigious titles in bowling: Chris is the PBA player of the year and Lynda the 2008 USBC Queens champion.  Now they’ll “bowl” you over Archie Comics style, in

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Radical Publishing

If you are in Los Angeles, and want something to do tonight, head over to Barnes & Noble on Grove Drive to meet Sam Sarkar, creator of Radical Publishing’s Caliber series. WHO: SAM SARKAR, DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT FOR JOHNNY DEPP’S INFINITUM NIHIL & CREATOR OF CALIBER WHAT: TO HOST RADICAL PUBLISHING BOOK SIGNING AND COMICS PANEL DISCUSSION AT BARNES & NOBLE WHEN: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH 7:30PM WHERE: BARNES & NOBLE – THE GROVE 189 Grove Drive Los Angeles, CA 90036 323. 525. 0270 via Radical Publishing

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The Invaders are set to make an appearance at the San Diego Comic Con in a big way. Or rather, a small way, in the form of an exclusive set of Minimates. Featuring the four most famous members of the all-star Invaders team, this set includes Steve Rogers as Captain America, James Buchanan Barnes as Bucky, Prince Namor as the Sub-Mariner and Jim Hammond as the original Human Torch! These legendary heroes were instrumental in the defeat of the Axis powers in WWII and will appear throughout 2008 in the aptly-titled Avengers/Invaders limited series. I like that there are multiple

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IDW PublishingMovies

IDW Publishing has announced the recently released Snaked comic has been optioned by producer Richard Saperstein. An instant horror sensation upon its release in December, 2007, the first SNAKED comic sold out at stores across the country. The third book in the series was released on February 13th. Based on an original story by Mr. Meth, whom Barnes & Noble calls “one of dark fiction’s best kept secrets,” SNAKED is a horror-noir that follows the personal and political exploits of a government employee with supernatural, snake-like abilities. First illustrated by Dave Cockrum (co-creator of X -Men), SNAKED has featured cover

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Oh how great it was to see a new Captain America come in to the fold last month. Captain America issue number 34 was truly one of the classics. But let me get this straight right from the start, to avoid any of the presumably already half written emails I would be getting. Steve Rogers was, is, and always will be, the only Captain America in my eyes. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is just filling in for his lifelong friend until he comes back.

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