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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew are taking on Transmetropolitan Volume 1 from Vertigo Comics. Amazon description: In this first volume, Spider ventures into the dangerous Angels 8 district, home of the Transients — humans who have decided to become aliens through cosmetic surgery. But Spider’s interview with the Transients’ leader gets him a scoop he didn’t bargain for. And don’t miss Spider’s first confrontation with the President of the United States . . . in a men’s room. As always, the Major Spoilers Podcast is nothing without comments from great readers and listeners like

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Here’s something that is sure to have the Intardwebz a buzzin’ over the Fourth of July weekend – Warner Bros. plopped down $33 million and walked away with most of Midway Games assets, including “Mortal Kombat” “Joust”, and “Spy Hunter”. This was certainly a bargain for Warner Bros. as it appears no one else was interested in the failing company.  It seems pretty clear that the big reason for picking up the company was to expand upon the Mortal Kombat property, as a possible second MK/DC game looks to be in the works.  Also, with the announcement of the Asteroids

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