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I’m not sure anyone reviewed Titans #2 here at Major Spoilers (probably for the best), as there was a lot of ill-feeling towards the second issue in this, DC’s attempt to reunite its ’80’s classic. Subsequently, there is a certain measure of slack that can be cut considering that DC is starting off telling a new story from page one (for a given value of “new story”).

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More Black Cat images continue to trickle in from The CW and The Kids’ WB! This time, the images are accompanied by comments from Matt Wayne, writer for the episode entitled Persona. In the episode, Spider-Man learns the hard way not to judge a book by its cover when another Spider-Man starts making headlines … as a crook! It’s the Chameleon, master of disguise, looting the city and laying the blame at Spidey’s feet. The Web-Slinger is forced to team up with another crook, the lovely Black Cat, to stop his foe’s faux-Spidey crime spree and clear his name. Along

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