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DC Comics has announced that two Final Crisis tie-in titles have sold out at the distributor level.  To make sure there are plenty of copies available at your local comic shop, the company has decided to send Final Crisis: Requiem and Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #1 back to press. Each will be getting a new variant cover that build on the Final Crisis banner theme.

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Digital DownloadMangaTokyopop

Tokyopop and GoComics have announced an agreement where the two companies will work together to bring many o Tokyopop’s titles to mobile phones. To kick off the event, GoComics will be branding the Tokyopop content under the GoComics Mobile Manga banner as well as a spin-off Tokyopop section. “Our Mobile Manga is a great user experience and satisfies discriminating creators, editors and fans alike. A major reason for this is GoComics’ commitment to quality, simplicity, and an artistic adaptation that preserves the manga pacing while converting pages into a panel-by-panel format,” said TOKYOPOP Director of New Product Development Jeremy Ross.

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