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What if the villains were so good at what they do, the superheroes had no idea they existed?  That’s the premise behind Brendan McGinley’s and Joshua Elder’s Heist from Bankshot Comics. The web series follows a super-powered thief known only as Geist to the few who know him at all. His only confidant is Jin, a magic ring with the power to make him a living ghost: invisible.  Intangible.  Unstoppable. And bored out of his mind. The Indelible Comics website is going to be updated with new information throughout the week, in the meantime, take the jump for a peek

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Press ReleaseSneak Peekwebcomic

Press Release They know the secret identities.  They hold great power with no responsibilities.  They are watching the watchmen.  They are Invisible, Inc., secret rulers of the world. Invisible, Inc. is the collaborative product of writer Brendan McGinley (Hannibal Goes to Rome, Dose) and artist Tomás Aira (Starcraft, Marilith).

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