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At first Ultimatum sounded like an awful idea – kill off as many characters in the Ultimate Universe in hopes of shaking things up and bringing readers back to the series that got people interested in Marvel again.  To make matters worse, Marvel opted to go with someone other than Brian Michael Bendis to pen the epic disaster series, which was odd in itself as Bendis has done so much for the Ultimate Universe, it should have been up to him to bring it all crashing down around everyone’s head.  With the final issue of the Ultimatum series, and all

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To celebrate the Major Spoilers Podcast 100th issue extravaganza, all the art in the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day will feature 100 in some way shape or form.  Today’s entry comes from Dave Johnson, who just posted this image of the promotional poster to celebrate the final trade paperback of 100 bullets.

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20th Century FoxMovies

Variety is reporting Robert Rodriguez is taking the Machete trailer from his Grindhouse film, and turning it into a feature length movie.  Danny Trejo will play the lead character, with Rodriguez expected to start filming in June. Machete is a Mexican ex-Federale with a gift for wielding a blade, who hides out as a day laborer, who is double-crossed by a corrupt state senator. In addition to that bit of news, Variety also reports that the producer/director/editor/graphic artist/musician/grip/gaffer/catterer/fill in any other job Rodriguez does himself here has written the script for the relaunch of the Predator series for 20th Century

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ContestMajor Spoilers

I posted a quick update about the Major Spoilers Dark Knight 2 Limited Edition Contest the other day, allowing contestants to enter as many times as they like, providing there is someone different in each picture.  Julian took us up on the new deal and has turned in a few pics from San Diego Comic Con. I gotta give Julian credit, he had the balls to go up to some well known names, take a photo, and enter the contest. Who did Julian get his pics taken with?  Take the jump to find out, and see who you are up

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From the Editor

Hey everyone. Just wanted to post an official response to a certain unhappy lurker on the Major Spoilers site, in regards to comments. As most of you who have visited the site know, we try to make this as fun a destination as it can be. Yes, some stories suck, and some rock, but that is totally at the discretion of the editors of the site. Many of you also know that you are free to comment on any of these articles, providing your comments have meaning. In other words, comments like “W00T First!” and “This story sucks balls!” have

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