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The 1990s were a very strange time in comics, an era where Spider-Man got himself a gun, Batman got razor-sharp claws and even The Flash went through a dark period.  (Managing to ‘run fast’ in a grim and gritty manner is putting in the extra effort, Faithful Spoilerites!)  Still, the biggest contribution the decade made was a sea change in the way our favorite heroes were named…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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I love that I keep discovering lesser-known comics companies who are turning out excellent books, such as Black Tiger #1 from Graphic India, which I reviewed recently. This time I want to bring another terrific series to your attention, and that’s We Can Never Go Home from Black Mask Studios. I discovered the first three issues at Heroes Con in North Carolina a few months back, and had the chance to tell scripter Matthew Rosenberg how much I enjoyed the title to that point! Now the fourth issue has now come out, and it continues this dynamic story run!

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