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DC held its Batman panel on Friday, and once again Major Spoilers is here to boil everything down to the most important bits.

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Or – “The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be…” Ever since the beginning of the Season Eight storyline, comic fans have been awaiting the appearance of Joss Whedon’s OTHER comic book Slayer, Melaka Fray.  Those of you who are in the know may recall that the Scythe (which isn’t a Scythe) that Buffy carried in the last season or so of BtVS actually made it’s first chronological appearance in the Fray miniseries that Dark Horse put out, chronicleing the adventures of the Slayer of the somewhat far future.  The cover promises that Miss Summers and Miss Fray are about to

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Or – “Shipping Dates Aren’t Really That Hard To Figure Out, Are They?” I’m of two minds about the vast deluge of Avengers that struck the comic stores last Wednesday…  On the one hand, I could see it as a marketing ploy, a way to remind us that we can’t ignore the Avengers marketing juggernaut, to give us too much of a good thing and try to make it even better.  Of course, on the other hand, I can look at it and be certain that it’s a bad idea to ship FIVE Avengers titles (two of which have almost

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