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Marvel has announced that New Avengers: The Reunion #2, and Wolverine #1 have both sold out at the distributor level. On New Avengers: The Reunion #2: The fan favorite duo writer Jim McCann and artist David Lopez join together to bring Ronin and Mockingbird back together during Dark Reign…but things aren’t going as they planned! Somewhere there is a ticking bomb and time is running out! Can the two settle their differences before an entire city blows to pieces? The answers start here! And for Wolverine: Weapon X #1, Marvel says: Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney craft a tale

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Warner Bros. isn’t taking the early ruling by Judge Gary Feess lightly, when it came out yesterday with a comment about the court case. “We respectfully but vigorously disagree with the court’s ruling and are exploring all of our appellate options,” the studio said. “We continue to believe that Fox’s claims have no merit and that we will ultimately prevail, whether at trial or in the Court of Appeals.” While Warner Bros. is coming out strong on this one – and why wouldn’t they, this movie is shaping up to the be big blockbuster of the year – the studio

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Well, it’s been a good run…again… I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention when the flood of solicitation information for the various companies came rolling in because I totally missed that this was the last issue of Wally West as the Flash.  It’s like deja vu all over again. Is DC setting itself up for another round of fan backlash, or the beginning of the greatest era of comics since the 1980s?

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In which Selina makes an enemy It’s too bad DC didn’t take a long hard look at what Paul Dini was doing in the pages of Detective Comics and make the executive decision to turn his Heart of Hush story into the final Batman story.  Instead of a whacked out tale, Dini takes the legend of Batman and brings it back to the one thing that can save any hero, heal any wound, and thwart the worst of people – love.

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