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Press ReleaseTop CowWitchblade

Press Release Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that Witchblade/The Darkness/Angelus Trinity: Blood on the Sands one-shot comic book will be released June 2009.  Following last summer’s blockbuster summer event, Broken Trinity, Witchblade/The Darkness/Angelus Trinity: Blood on the Sands reunites the three core artifacts of the Top Cow Universe in a stand-alone story set in 13th Century Arabia.

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MoviesRed 5 Comics

Red 5 Comics has sold the rights to their new series Afterburn to Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media. Tobey Maguire and Neal Moritz are teaming up to produce the adaptation. Afterburn is a sci-fi adventure set against the backdrop of a postapocalyptic Earth, whose Eastern Hemisphere was destroyed by a massive solar flare, leaving what life remains mutated from radiation and fallout. The story revolves around a group of treasure hunters who for the right price extract such objects as the Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone and the Crown Jewels while facing rival hunters, mutants and pirates along the way. At

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Dark Horse Comics

Fans of the web comic Wondermark will be able to get their hands on a physical version of the strip when Dark Horse releases a hardbound edition entitled Beards of our Fathers in June 2008. Ignatz-nominated creator David Malki crafts his unique comic strips by combining public-domain Victorian-era engravings with clever original dialogue to illustrate an often-poignant social commentary. Against the pinned-down and buttoned-up backdrop of a bygone era, Malki’s sarcastic yet sincere sense of humor adds layers of depth and lucidity to his creation, pitting classic representations against contemporary comedy. “Each comic strip is its own little world, telling

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