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The devourer of worlds is headed your way in Sideshow Collectibles largest Legendary Scale Bust ever.  With an impressive height of over two feet, the mighty Galactus also comes with a scaled replica of the Silver Surfer.  The pre-orders begin on February 113, 2009 at 10:00 AM PST.  You’ll want to get your browser warmed up though, there are only 150 of these babies being made. More pics after the jump.

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Markosia Publishingwebcomic

Another comic publisher is looking to the web to attract new readers as AAM/Markosia has announced it has formed a new web comic division, and will feature Baby Boomers and Digging for Apples as its two kick-off titles. “I am extremely excited by these two new properties,” says publisher Harry Markos. “They are in complete contrast to anything we’ve ever done before. ‘Baby Boomers’ is hilarious, I can only describe it as ‘two babies beating the crap out of each other when their parents aren’t looking!’ ‘Digging For Apples’ is our first foray into Manga — something I have been

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BatmanMoviesThe Dark KnightWarner Bros.

Well, providing they’d stop using growth hormones on cows that then gets passed on to the wee babies… or so they say. Oh god, now I’m going to the Dairy Farmers of America after my ass. Maybe Batman can help.

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I really like the story time narration lead in to the next Marvel Avengers direct to DVD movie, but I’m not sure I can get a firm grasp on the “Avenger Babies” concept and why people would want to rush out and buy it. I’m more than likely going to buy it and watch. More info at

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Image ComicsKyle BakerPress ReleaseSolicitations

Following the success of the first Bakers title, Kyle Baker has a brand new title in stores called The Bakers: Babies & Kittens in a book-length format. “After the success of the previous collection, I really wanted to tackle a longer story,” said Baker. “Considering this is all based off my crazy household, there was no lack of material! It’s a true family comic, released in time to give to Mom this Valentine’s Day!” The Bakers: Babies & Kittens Like its previous volume, THE BAKERS: BABIES & KITTENS shines a spotlight on family life like no other graphic novel out

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