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This year’s New York Comic Con was sick! (I found out “sick” is the new “awesome” when I was at a restaurant wearing a cool Batman shirt and a guy came up behind me declaring, “That shirt is SICK!” I may be behind on my current lingo, but I figured it out!) This past weekend, the latest NYCC was held in the Big Apple, and it was great! I was yet again on both sides of the table, and all four days were big ones, with the crowds being the biggest I’d ever experienced there. Thursday, Friday and Sunday all

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I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating! It’s really encouraging to see a lot of new, up-and-coming comics companies telling great stories. This month, I want to continue to focus on a great group of comics creators! In episode 154 of my Wayne’s Comics Podcast at this link, I recently chatted with two of the folks behind OSSM (pronounced “awesome”) Comics. I truly like what I’m reading from them, including Monomyth, Thaniel, Foster and Xenoglyphs. That last one was a miniseries leading into the book I’m reviewing this week, Separators. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating! It’s

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Honestly, I thought Project Arbiter came out a few years ago. I say this because I was able to work with a number of these shots for a special effects course I took two or three years ago. If you haven’t seen Project Arbiter before now, be prepared for some 1940’s sci-fi action as a super suit takes on the Nazis.

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When DC Nation returns, we’ll all be sitting there watching Green Lantern and Young Justice, but we’ll really be waiting for the incredibly well done interstitials.  This week, be on the look out for Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld.

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There’s something about The Fifth Element, that never grows old with me.  Lego is also something that never grows old, so when I saw Matt De Lanoy’s take on the battle aboard the Fhloston Paradise, I knew I had to take in the photo gallery in detail, which will ensure I will never grow old.  Right? Take the jump for a couple more pictures, then head over to Matt’s Flickr stream to see the rest.

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As the snow falls at the Major Spoilers HQ, at some point today, The Boy will ask if we can go out and build a snowman, or some such sculpture.  I hope he doesn’t see this bit of awesome, or I’m done for. Of course if I put the youngest on the back of that sculpture, the Tauntaun would be yellow… and smelly on the outside.

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I love it when people go the distance to show their love of a product or idea.  Here, Greg Kumparak went a step further and used Blender to model the interior of the TARDIS, and then created an augmented reality app to show it off.

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The big question being asked in Iron Man 3 is, “Does the man make the armor, or does the armor make the man?”  A new photo has surfaced that seems to answer the question, and unless a doctor appears soon, we know how it is all going to end.

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Most of the time, when I enter my local big grocery/retail store (let’s call it Targ-mart), I could give two shits craps doo-doos about the wall of art the bored shelf stockers build out of soft drink products.  HOWEVER, now that I’ve seen this awesome wall of Super Mario Bros. art made completely out of Coke and Coke owned soft drinks, I’m sold! Not that I’d drink Coke products – Colt 45 all the way! Now, if only the pimply-faced dork store clerk at my store would get that creative, the store might have more of my money than it

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Is there nothing LEGO can’t do?  I can build a small world for my son to play with, or a robot, that someday will rise up and kill me in my sleep.  LEGO can be used for so many things, including recreating the Antikythera Mechanism that perplexed people for a number of years.

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