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Captain America #600 hit stores on Monday (it didn’t hit my local store until Wednesday), and Marvel is already reporting the issue is a sellout. To meet this overwhelming demand, Marvel is going back to press with Captain America #600 Second Printing Variant, from Eisner Award-winning scribe Ed Brubaker and a cavalcade of artistic superstars! How does the Marvel Universe react to the one year anniversary of Captain America’s death? What happens when Rikki Barnes meets Patriot? And just what does Sharon Carter know that leads into the hotly anticipated Captain America Reborn #1? You can check out our review

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Captain AmericaMarvelSneak Peek

Marvel just slipped us a bit of Captain America news, that promises to change everything. Again? It’s the anniversary of the day Captain America died, as the Marvel Universe reflects—and the next jaw dropping chapter in the Captain America mythos begins!

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Captain AmericaMarvel

The latest teaser from Marvel builds the speculation about what is coming (or who is returning) to Captain America in June. CAPTAIN AMERICA #600 (APR090492) Written by ED BRUBAKER with MARK WAID, ROGER STERN & STAN LEE Pencils by BUTCH GUICE, LUKE ROSS, DALE EAGLESHAM, AL AVISION, HOWARD CHAYKIN, DAVID AJA, RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE & KALMAN ANDRASOFSZKY Cover by STEVE EPTING 50/50 Cover by ALEX ROSS This is a $4.99 issue. via Marvel

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