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There’s been a lot of discussion online recently about autographs and what fans should pay to obtain them. Some comics pros have begun charging a pretty penny for their autographs. And some fans aren’t all that happy about it.

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Back To The Futurecomic conventionPress Release

Press Release Dallas Comic Con: Sci-Fi Expo goes Back To The Future, with three actors from the popular movie series topping the star-studded guest list on Feb. 9 and 10 at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. Christopher Lloyd, who played the iconic Dr. Emmett Brown, joins fellow cast members Lea Thompson (Marty’s mother, “Lorraine”) and James Tolkan (“Principal Strickland”) as they meet fans, sign autographs and pose for photos with a replica Delorean time machine.

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I doubt one gets to see five captains from the Star Trek universe together that often unless there is a big Paramount to-do somewhere. Luckily, those who attended Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend, had a chance to meet those actors in one place. From left to right William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula.

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