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hardcoverIDW Publishing

Bringing Up Father, was a comic strip from the early days of comic strips featuring an average Joe who became a millionaire, but still hung out at his old haunts.  IDW Publishing is bringing the “From Sea to Shining Sea” storyline to a 272-page hardcover book arriving in November 2009. “All the fantastic Bringing Up Father Sunday pages will be carefully restored and presented in full color,” Mullaney said. “George McManus championed Art Deco in comics, and the oversized 11” by 10” format is the best possible showcase for his wonderful designs and detailed artwork.” “From Sea to Shining Sea”

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DCJSAJustice Society of AmericaReview

Sometimes a short review is a good thing I wasn’t too keen on spinning the “Kingdom Come has come to Earth Prime” story line out of the JSA title and into one-shots and specials just to get more money out of readers.  However, in the case of Kingdom Come Special: Magog, it was the best decision.

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Boom StudiosMajor SpoilersTrade Paperback

Next week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, we’re taking a break from DC trade titles and taking a look at Tag Vol. 1 from Boom! Studio. Tag Vol. 1 TPB Writer(s): Keith Giffen Artist(s): Andy Kuhn, Kody Chamberlain BONUS: Included in TPB form for the first time as an “extra” is Keith Giffen’s “10” one-shot — ten innocent people become unwilling contestants in a game of death. Given 10 bullets and a gun, it’s kill or be killed as they’re forced to hunt the other 10 contestants! In the dark, horrific tradition of Battle Royale! Spine-snapping horror in the tradition

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